Everybody’s gone to the capture

Show Notes

00:01:22 Apple Design Awards (Mushroom 11, Old Man’s Journey, Splitter Critters, Blackbox, Severed)
00:06:04 Microsoft: XBox One X, Ori and the irgendwas
00:11:08 Sony: Shadow of the Colossus, Horizon DLC, Uncharted DLC
00:19:10 Nintendo: Metroid Prime, Super Mario Odysee
00:26:43 EA: A way out
00:28:49 Bethesda: VR: Doom, Skyrim, Fallout
00:30:06 Ubisoft: FarCry 5, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Mario “XCom”, Assasins Creed Origins
00:44:03 Framed 2
00:47:24 Bretterwisser:
00:47:46 PressPlay:
00:48:48 Monument Valley 2 Zeichnen
00:52:57 Rausschmeisser