Clubhouse Stonks

USB-(C)-Adapter, PS5 not found, Clubhouse, GameStop Stocks, User Inyerface, Authentifizierung, If Found… (iOS, PC, Mac), Holovista (iOS), Dark Souls Remastered (PS4), The Last Guardian (PS4), Rausschmeisser

Midlife Crysis

Parler fliegt aus dem AppStore (und von AWS), R.I.P. Tetris Champion Jonas Neubauer, Highlights 2020, Apple Watch als Viewfinder, Beatsaber, Opossum County (Browser), Synology DS420+, The Forest, Cuphead (PS4, PC, Mac, XBoxe One, Switch), Superliminal (PS4, PC, XBox One, Switch), Tobys Family-Games (Browser), Days Gone (PS4), Rausschmeisser

Die Antifa Tastatur

FTC verklagt Facebook, Airpod Max, xCloud ab Frühling auf iOS, Google’s AI Ethics debacle, Family Sharing für In-App-Käufe, Cookies, Karabiner, KeySmith, Disco Elysium, Rausschmeisser

Das Internet niederbrennen

Mac Apple Event, App Store Small Business Program, App Store Best of 2020, Salesforce kauft Slack, Photoshop Neural Filters, US German Keyboard Layout, Among Us, Hopper, Gnomitaire (iOS und Android), South of the Circle (Apple Arcade), The Pathless (Apple Arcade), Days Gone (PS4), Overcooked, Rausschmeisser

Home youtube-dling Is Killing Music

Neue (Apple Silicon) Macsbooks Pros?, Schlumpfbeeren Cloud Gaming, Codesigning SNAFU bei HP, youtube-dl takedown, Spiele-News: Disc Room, Far – Lone Sails, Cyberpunk 2077, Cluster Diary, Kontakt Tagebuch, Halle of Games Vorträge, Shapr 3D, You-Tube-Kanäle, Days Gone, Dwarf Fortress – UI is coming, Ghost of Tsushima, Rausschmeisser

Haben Sie krumme Zehen?

iOS 14.1 Released, Homepod 14.1, Apple Music TV, MonkeyBox-Twitter-Account, Monkey Island wird 30, PressReader, Manifold Garden in Steam, Scriptable, Pyto, Lonely Mountains: Downhill ”Eldfjall Island“ DLC, E-Scooter – Jahr 2, Swapfiets, Dwarf Fortress, Untitled Geese Game, Rausschmeisser

CSI Cupertino

Apple iPhone Event, Homepod Mini, Intercom, iPhone 12 (Mini), MagSafe, iPhone 12 Pro (Max), PS5 User Interface, The Composable Architecture, Vanilla, Big Clock TV, Blotter, Screen, Halle of Games, Ghost of Tsushima, Rausschmeisser

Face Automation

Apple One, iOS 14 – Dies und das, watchOS: Übersetzen, Amazon Luna, Cyberpunk 2077 mandatory crunch, Watch Face Automation, Scriptable, Avenue 5, Rausschmeisser

Ohne Gewehr

XBox Series X, XBox Series S, Apple Event, iOS 14, PS5 Event, PS5 Vorbestellungsdebakel, Microsoft buys Bethesda, PS4 Remoteplay mit Controller an der Konsole, iOS 14 Tipps, Ori and the Will of the Wisps (XBox, Switch), Spelunky 2, Nova, Ghost of Tsushima, Rausschmeisser


Apple Event am 19.9.2020, XBox One Series X/S ab 10. November, Preise: $499/$299, Bildschirmaufnahme mit Ton von außen, iCMD, Rectangle, Cascina Caradonna (Dina) spielt The Last of Us Part II, Tageslicht, Spiritfarer, Ghost of Tsushima, Rausschmeisser